City Hawks Sports provide Genuine Alum Hide Leather balls in three variants, County, Ranji & Academy. All 3 variants are available in Red, White & Pink color and with junior/women specifications also.
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City Hawks Sports provide genuine English Willow Bats that can be tailor made to player's requirement.
Kashmir Willow Bats for beginners are also available. All the bats are made as per MCC laws 2017.
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City Hawks Sports provide Professional protective gear in Leatherette such as Batting Leg Guards, Wicket Keeping Leg Guards, Batting & Wicket Keeping Gloves along with soft cotton gears such as Thigh Pads, Elbow Guards and Chest Pads.
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Our Apparel division provides clothing of international standards. Be it a plain white uniform or full customised colored uniform, CHS provides. Our apparel including Whites, Customised Colored, Sweaters, Caps are favorite of many clubs.
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If you looking for High Quality Stumps, Bails, Umpire Diary of One Day or T-20 Matches, Umpire Cards for Multi Day Matches, Ball Counter, Bowler Run Up Marker, Scorebook (Box - Traditional / Leniar - Modern), , Customised Toss Coins, Score Summary Card
City Hawks Sports is the right place.
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(Umpire's Kit - A true companion of every Umpire)
1 Multi Guage, 1 Ball Ring, 1 Bat Guage, 1 Ball Counter, 1 Umpire Diary, 1 Pen, 1 Round File, 2 Bails, 1 Cutting Blade, 1 Clipper (Scissor), 1 Clip, 1 Bowler Run Up Marker, 1 Towel, 1 Belt Pouch, 1 Pocket Calculator, & 1 Toss Coin.
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